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Coal Industry

Yuzhugol Holding Company

Yuzhugol Holding Company is one of Russia’s largest producers of high grade anthracite.

The Company's production sites are located in the Rostov region. The Company's total licensed reserves of high-grade anthracite exceed 350 million tons.

Yuzhugol Holding Company specialises in anthracite coal production, processing and marketing. The Company's business model covers all key elements of the chain, from production though to sales and consumers.

The Company's mining assets include the active Sadkinskaya mine, Sadkinskaya East, which is under construction, and the planned Sadkinskaya North. Gukovskaya Central Concentration Mill is the anthracite production asset.

SouthFuelCompany (wholesale traders focused on key customers and export operations) and Rostovtopprom (retail traders with an extensive branch network, focused on municipal customers and the private sector) are in charge of marketing and sales.